PINAC may be Dead but my Words Remain Alive


My heroes have always been the writers. The ones who continued to write through adversity, rejection and censorship. The ones who stood up to authority, society and the clergy to state their truth. The ones who suffered and struggled and were stifled as a result.

Writers like Oscar Wilde, Henry Miller, Jack Kerouc and Charles Bukowski, just to name a few, were the anarchists of their day. The truth tellers of their time. The rebels and rejects of their societies.

Immortalized through their words and reputations,  these writers inspired me to become the man I am today, a man unafraid to question authority even though it has gotten me in trouble throughout my life.

And now after having spent 15 years running a controversial news site exposing police abuse, only to end up censored and cancelled by Big Tech and Homeland Security,  I find myself at a crossroads in life.  Middle-aged and disabled. Cynical and jaded. Unemployed and undesirable in the eyes of corporate America for my strong views on police. 

A writer who has yet to reach his peak.

So please join me in the next chapter of my life with the launch of my new blog, Rantings and Writings, where I will expand on many of the issues I wrote about on PINAC News.

But while PINAC was more like a newspaper focusing on the daily dose of police abuse, Rantings will be more like a magazine with original, in-depth articles about a broader range of topics.

And where PINAC was about exposing the problem of police abuse in the United States, Rantings will be more about exploring solutions to the problem now that there is no denying we have a problem.

But Rantings will also cover topics that have nothing to do with police. Most articles will fit within the categories of culturefood, government, health and media.

In the health category, for example, I plan to write about the issue of using psychedelics to treat traumatic brain injuries which is a very important topic for me because I have an invisible disability stemming for a traumatic brain injury I suffered as a child which affects me daily. 

And I know many other people deal with these same issues, including athletes, veterans and cops, but there is not of lot of research available on how to treat these issues. But existing research shows psychedelics to be a safe and effective treatment for brain injuries.

However, psychedelics remain mostly illegal in this country and that needs to change.

Articles will be well-written and well-researched with fresh angles and insights. The goal is for the reader to come away enlightened, educated, informed and entertained. 

Rantings will be a longterm project which will hopefully outlive PINAC. I will try to publish at least weekly because the articles will take time to research and write.

Donations will be greatly appreciated and will allow me to focus on growing this blog which will provide original content not found elsewhere.

And please sign up below for subscriptions to receive email notifications of articles as they are published because the social media companies can not be trusted to spread the truth.

About the author

Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller spent a decade covering the police beat for daily newspapers in the Southwest before he launched a blog called Photography is Not a Crime in 2007 which went on to become PINAC News, the original police accountability news site. He ran PINAC for 15 years before launching Rantings and Writings in January 2023. He is also the author of the book, The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which is available on Amazon.


By Carlos Miller